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In social creatures like ourselves, whose ancestors lived in arboreal environments where sound was one of the most effective ways to coordinate cohesive group activities, reinforce social bonds, resolve animosities, and to establish stable hierarchies of submission and dominance, there could have been a premium on being able to communicate shades of emotional meaning by the melodic character (prosody) of emitted sounds.

Emotional sounds and the brain: the neuro-affective foundations of musical appreciation
Panksepp J, Bernatzky G, Behav Processes, 2002.

At HED we are creating a galaxy of experiences
as elegant and satisfying as the most melodious music.

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland with a mission to expand everyday life through next generation technologies, HED Social was born out of a passion for music, technology and humanity.

USA ↔ Switzerland

With offices in Los angeles and Geneva, HED has assembled a global team with experience across music, entertainment, social media, tech and consumer hardware. Our group includes some of the leading minds in tech and audio, PHDs and former employees of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Beats.
From our beautiful West Hollywood location, we are inspired by views of the hills and the iconic musical venues of the Sunset Strip, where music has always been social.

We are having the time of our lives redefining how the world discovers, consumes and shares music.

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We are on the hunt for talented product leaders, designers and developers. If you’d like to learn more about working at HED, contact us below.